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New Zealand's ratepayers are sick of seeing local democracy undermined. Banning the New Zealand Taxpayers' Union and its 180,000 supporters from the LGNZ's 'future of local democracy' conference is just the latest example of criticism of the Government being punished and dissenters silenced.
Tell LGNZ President Stuart Crosby and the LGNZ National Council that banning advocacy groups who criticise Government policy from LGNZ conferences is not the future of local democracy.
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Over the past few years we have seen some underhanded tactics in the battle over Three Waters.

The Government has attempted to buy council support, engaged in misleading advertising campaigns, and tried to link opposition to their expensive and anti-democratic water reforms to racism. LGNZ has now taken it one step further by banning the largest ratepayer advocacy group in New Zealand - the Taxpayers' Union and its 180,000 subscribed supporters - from its conference on 'the future of local democracy'.

LGNZ is in bed with the Government so much that it apparently doesn't see the irony in banning groups from a democracy conference because they take opposing policy positions!

The Taxpayers' Union has led the fight to stop Three Waters and protect democratic accountability of those who control local water assets. Not only did LGNZ sellout their membership and take the money from the Government not to oppose Three Waters - they're now acting as the Government's sock puppet to try and silence ratepayer groups standing up to Nanaia Mahuta. Tell them that democracy includes listening to perspectives that differ from their own.

Tell them your voice matters and it's wrong they've banned you.

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